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Annual Sitathon


At The Sound of Rain's annual meditation marathon fundraiser, we come together to celebrate the power of stillness, contemplation, and silence, all to support the continuance and expansion of Emily's work.  Challenge yourself to meditate with Emily for up to a full day-- 9 hours of sitting, walking, and eating meditation-- and give yourself the inspiration and peace that only comes from silence.

How It Works
Like a marathon or walk-a-thon, you gather sponsors who support the intention you’ve set for yourself by donating based on the number of hours of meditation you complete.  Your sponsors are invited to be with us in spirit by submitting a written prayer or dedication for the day.

This year our meditation day will take place in a lovely log cabin in the woods near Sandy, OR.  The beautiful creekside setting is very supportive to spiritual practice of all kinds, and we would love to have as many as possible join us there.  But if you want to participate and can't get to Sandy, please join us from a cushion in your own home!  You can follow the day's schedule with us from your personal retreat space.

If you join us in Sandy, we will provide a hearty mid-day meal, tea, seating, and a beautiful meditation space so you only have to bring yourself and your courage (and a few extra cushions).

All proceeds benefit The Sound of Rain’s efforts to bring Emily’s sittings and retreats—and the wonderful potential of contemplation, self-investigation, and stillness—to unreached communities. 

Sit-A-Thon Schedule
The day's schedule will be a cycle of 40 minutes of silent sitting, 25 minutes of walking or movement meditation, and a 10 minute transition period.  We will have a 1 hour period mid-day to eat in meditative silence.  The walking periods are open for yoga, tai chi, qigong, or any moving meditation practice. 

You can attend the entire day or come for as much or as little time as your practice supports; you are welcome to take breaks along the way and leave when you need to.  We invite you to make this a day of meditation that nurtures your own personal aspiration and practice.

Get Involved!
Join us for this transformative experience, where you can rediscover the potential of your own meditation practice and investigate the depth of stillness within you.  Tell your friends and family that you're taking on the challenge of a meditation marathon, and let them support you as sponsors. We hope you'll plan to come and embrace the challenge!  

Can't sit the day yourself?  Show your support by sponsoring one of our meditators.  Email us and we will pair you with one.

We hope to see you on the cushion.

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