Spring 2019

Cultivating Sensitivity: A Physical Practice Course

Dates TBA

Relax, Attune, Absorb, Perceive

Life is perceived only through the medium of our own sensitivity. Whatever is real, moving, alive – whether "spiritual" or "material" – is perceptible to us through that faculty alone. And if there is some intersection between these two, some way in which the sensory world and the spiritual are one, only a refined sensitivity will reveal that to us. Whether your goal is to connect more deeply with your own inner guidance, to feel through painful experiences, to know your personal self more fully, or to manifest your spiritual aspiration, cultivating sensitivity is essential.

Allow music, physical relaxation, heightened sensory awareness, breath, and interaction with the world to draw you into your existing sensitivities, and make room for new sensitivities to develop. Use the receptivity of each of your five physical senses to cultivate sensitivity to God as sound, love, pain, and light.

Guided Meditations  |  Nature-Based Receptivity Exercises  |  Interactive Group Discussions

Inner Guidance: A Contemplative Course

Dates TBA

Sit, Probe, Listen, Ask

Guidance is the one thing you have which you did not earn, which is not causal to your personality, not arising from your history or limited by your decisions so far; it is extraneous to all of that, a force of total, perfect knowledge, unencumbered by your mistakes.  Guidance is kinder to you than you will ever be to yourself, kinder than you have any understanding of.  It is without the very things that characterize your everyday experience:  fear and doubt, disorientation and misinformation.  Guidance loves because there is no other choice, for with clear seeing love is the only thing left.  And guidance believes in you in a way you will never believe in yourself; it knows that you are destined for things you would never believe possible.  Can you let that vast ocean of wisdom that particularizes itself in you as guidance inform you, and let it be for you the knowledge and the intelligence you do not have for yourself?  Can you let your guidance be where your doubt and fear are now?  If you can let it draw you into its understanding, one day that understanding will be your own.

Investigate the power and potential of your own inner guidance.  Explore your relationship to guidance from a variety of angles, get tools to identify and work with obstacles, and find a deeper connection with your truest guru—the one alive, always, within you.

Self-Investigative Meditations  |  Deep Listening Assignments  |  Private Self-Reflection Log


Summer 2019

God at Play: A Creativity Course

Dates TBA

Explore, Make, Share, Risk

The mysterious way in which all of creation unfolds can be summed up most simply with a single word: play.  Divinity creates in a way that is vastly abundant and full of whimsy, beauty, and delight. Creation proceeds not methodically and carefully, but explosively, without apparent purpose or reason, generating untold variety out of the stuff of life and matter. The template of creative play modeled by the universe itself calls to us to create in just that same way. These two things—creativity and play—are deeply imbedded in our nature as humans. And they are actually two sides of the same thing.

Apply the principles of play to personal and group creative expression, and unlock hidden reserves of creative potential.  Shed your idea of creativity as craft, and create instead as God does, selflessly and with complete abandon.

Creativity-Sparking Exercises  |  Make-and-Show Assignments  |  Collaborative Group Forums



Freedom from Anxiety: A Personal Process Course

Dates TBA

Delve, Feel, Confront, Surrender

Fear has many faces, many ways it shows up in the body, mind, and emotions to create a state we commonly refer to as "anxiety".  It can be mental, presenting as worry or panicked thinking; it can be emotional or psychological, arising out of our past's wellspring of unlived experience; and it can invade our physical, emotional, and mental bodies all at once from our deep, universal experiences of loneliness, impermanence, and separation.  Fear's antidotes—practices like surrender, present-ness, joy, kindness in meditation, faith, and courage—each serve to dismantle a particular kind of grip anxiety has on us.  Cumulatively, they have the power to free us from that prison altogether, into a state of ease, fearlessness, and possibility. 

Explore the faces of and antidotes to anxiety and fear through deep personal investigation combined with contemplative sitting practice.

Deep Feeling Exercises  |  Supportive Meditation Practices  |  Shared Personal Journaling